Peach puree

Peach puree

Peach puree
Peach puree
Peach puree
Peach puree

Peach puree

Orum Spoota peach puree is fresh, natural, and free from adding and preservatives. It is a light, healthy and delicious food for your baby. 
The peach puree is a good source of Iron, Potassium, and vitamins. It enhances the immune system, decreases cell damage, is Anti-aging, detoxifying, and good for skin and bones, controls cholesterol, prevents cancer, and helps weight loss. If you are trying to lose weight and are on a weight-loss diet, you can use peach puree safely, as it's natural and fresh. It's also rich in vitamin C, Magnesium, and zinc. 
We pack our pumpkin purees in metal galloons with Aseptic bags of 220 kg and 30-32 brix, or 20 kg aseptic bags packed in carton boxes based on the customer's demand and orders. We also have the NFC system of production and maintenance in our factory. 
Carrot concentrate (orange & black) 
Orum Spoota is one of the eight factories worldwide producing qualified carrot concentrate. As we are located in the northwest region of Iran, we use this to supply natural and fresh carrots from the farm to the factory throughout the year. 
Carrots do not last long, especially during hot weather, and are unavailable as fresh vegetables for the year; therefore, fresh concentrate is beneficial. 
Orum Spoota produces its carrot concentrate from two types of black and orange carrots. Our concentrates are fresh and natural and available to be used in a wide variety of products such as healthy food, juices, soups, dairy products, sauces, and snacks. 
Our carrot concentrate is rich in vitamins and minerals as it is natural, fresh, and chemicals free. It is a significant source of beta carotene, absorbed 6.5 times more than carrots as a vegetable; it contains vitamins 
E, A, K, fibers, and potassium. Iron, copper, and antioxidants, 
Carrot concentrate reduces the risk of cancer, controls blood cholesterol, helps weight loss, improves eyesight, balances blood pressure, enhances the immune system, and helps with digestion. 
We at Orum Spoota care for our customers, and relying on our 30 years of experience, high technology machines, and updated knowledge, we aim to offer the best, and for that, we attentively test and analyze our raw materials and final products based on international standards. 
Based on customers ' demand and orders, we pack our carrot concentrate in metal galloons with Aseptic bags of 220 kg and 40 brix, or 65- 70 brix. We also have the NFC system of production and maintenance in Our factory. 
After opening the packed concentrate, it is highly recommended to be used within 7- 10 days and stored in a dry and cool place at 4 degrees. When opened, the concentrate will turn slimy and dark in color because of the bacteria and microorganisms. 
Raw materials, washing, sorting, peeling through steam peeler and brushing, cutting, cooking, juicing, concentrating, sterilizing, aseptic, and refrigerating. 

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